Gift City

A hi-tech business district, grand architecture
and a Gandhian legacy

Beside the Sabarmati River, GIFT City is an up-and-coming planned business district, home to prominent financial services and technology companies. With modern high-rise apartments, office towers and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the cosmopolitan township buzzes with professionals from across the country. The area is an extension of Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar, where government offices and illustrious universities stand beside grand temples and serene parks.

Gandhinagar is Gujarat’s political centre and educational hub, but it’s the ornate traditional architecture that best defines the city. From the imposing Akshardham to the serene Adalaj Trimandir, intricately carved sandstone temples draw both locals and visitors, who gather here to pray and admire the fine design. On the outskirts of the city, medieval stepwells such as Adalaj are picturesque marvels of ancient engineering..


Gandhinagar preserves Gujarat’s Gandhian legacy at the Dandi Kutir Gandhi Museum, which traces the life of the Mahatma through photographs and innovative audio-visual exhibits. Further down the Sabarmati River is the Sabarmati Ashram where Gandhi lived for many years. The deeply spiritual place occupies an important position in India’s freedom movement and is a fascinating cultural archive.


Gandhinagar’s people make the most of their green spaces too.

Meet the locals and take the temperature of the city on a walk among the dinosaur sculptures and preserved fossils in riverside Indroda Nature Park, or the attractive landscaped gardens around the Capital Complex.


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