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A land of contrasts, an earthly paradise, an echo of New Zealand itself.


An ode to nature and a mix of cultures coexist in harmony in the shadow of extinct volcanoes, lulled by the clear waters of the Pacific. 

Visit Auckland, and you will discover a unique and unparalleled city. This is an adventure that will put all your senses to the test. Declared as one of the most livable cities in the world, Auckland has everything close at hand. You will find all the charms of the Pacific condensed into one city: during your holiday in Auckland you will discover the wonders of unspoiled nature in this veritable Garden of Eden. 

Begin with the Hauraki Bay and its dozens of islands, a playground for those who enjoy outdoor sports. This area has earned Auckland its nickname of the City of Sails. In addition, whales, dolphins and other marine species can be found swimming and playing in this bay at the end of the world. 
Auckland is laid out between sea and mountains. Wherever you are during your stay in Auckland, a multitude of sandy beaches can be found less than 30 minutes from the centre of town. One of the most beautiful and popular beaches is Piha, where the waves and currents draw many a surfer. Marine sports play an integral role in the local culture, alongside rugby, as you would imagine in the land of the All Blacks!